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In Honor of:

April Calloway

Andrew Kaluza

Doug Wistner

Leith Alshrouf

Terrell Cowherd

Tonbara Komonibo


The Fallen Knights Senior Leader Scholarship 

has been established in honor of each deceased classmate from the Lawrence E. Elkins High School graduating class of 2005.

The $600 scholarship will be awarded to one (1) current senior class officer or active member of the student council that agrees to continue service and leadership during and post their collegiate career. We hold dearly the belief that our class was one that understood and embraced the significance of an enhanced quality of student life by fostering social interactions, promoting community outreach and personal and professional development.

Students, your required scholarship documents can be downloaded to your PC, or mobile device by clicking the links below.


If you'd like to support the continuation of

The Fallen Knights Senior Leader Scholarship,

please consider donating monetarily either monthly, annually, or one-time. It is our hope that you'll partner with us as we invest in the continued education and leadership of this generation; all in honor of our beloved, deceased classmates.

We invite you to connect with us. It would be our honor to address any questions, or concerns you may have. In the unfortunate event that someone you know, who is a graduate of the Lawrence E. Elkins class of 2005 passes away, please contact us so that they can be recognized.

Thank you for your email. Your time is extremely important to us. We will respond just as soon as time allows!

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